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Drive-Thru Systems


Klear Order System®

Welcome To the Klear Order Drive-Thru Communication System.  Our equipment was designed on  basic principals :  (KEEP IT SIMPLE / DEPENDABLE / COST EFFECTIVE)

Starting in 2005 our engineers with Kenwood Corporation called upon seasoned Drive-Thru System technicians serving the Quick Service Restaurant industry  to aid in the development of the Klear Order Drive-Thru Communication System.

We learned of many service problems experienced in the field:

  • System programming issues.
  • Not having all the parts to fix systems the first time.
  • Having to pull the system and install a loaner while unit is sent in for repair.
  • No working headsets leaving  Quick Service Restaurants Drive-Thru system impaired until replacements arrive.

Our solution : We developed a single circuit board design with a vehicle detection circuit on board. Kenwood commercial radios that require no programming  inside a durable base station with  easy access door.  Wire connections are out side base station for simple hook up or to add a  Message Greeter or Timer accessory with ease. Operation indicator LED lights are visible so in-store staff can diagnose any problems and easily correct them.